Is studying the right choice?

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Lovelylol Mon 22-Jul-19 14:37:52

I have always practiced attachment parenting and safe co-sleeping. I love it and I feel a better person for it. Last year, I went back to work as a nanny so that I could look after my little boy every day and get paid. I have previously been in the NHS. I have the opportunity now to become a biology secondary teacher but I can’t exactly take my little boy with me. It would be a difficult year financially but 1 year of extra study for 4x what I get now (So year 2020/21) . If I stay where I am now I will get 2x what I got this year but it will only be for one year until the little girl goes to school. Has anyone been in a similar situation? How can I go from 7 full days with my little one to putting him in full time nursery?
Thanks so much for listening x

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soniamumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 26-Jul-19 15:47:09

Hi @Lovelylol, we're just bumping this thread for you in the hope that some Mumsnetters will be along shortly with some advice. flowers

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