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devilishlygood Fri 19-Jul-19 17:05:39

Trying to tie down somewhere in the region (South, South West) that offers a Return to Practice course for a lapsed registration nurse is a NIGHTMARE.

NMC only give details for under- and post-graduate courses, and specific NHS courses. The NMCs website is really not user friendly!

Can anyone help please??

I qualified in 2007, practised in the military for only four years before retraining in 2011. Registration process has changed since then as well.

I’m currently approaching my due date with first child (and only!) and considering not going back after mat leave, I do want to work out a means of working around my husband’s 9-5 career though. I want to go back to nursing on an agency. So I am hoping someone here can explain either the process or where to look for the information?

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