Overcoming exhaustion?

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ohhahhh789 Wed 17-Jul-19 23:57:34

So I'm a single mum and work about 50 hours a week. I do an extremely emotionally and mentally tiring and demanding job. I'm finding that once I get home I'm absolutely exhausted. I can just about sort tea and my lunch for the next day but I never manage to do any of my other jobs or do anything with my son. I feel exhausted and feel like the best way to relax and zone out is playing in my phone. I hate it though as I just feel like I'm wasting my life and not doing anything with my son. Does anyone else have any tips for overcoming this sort of exhaustion? It isn't anything medical as when I'm off work I'm fine and same at the weekend. I'll keep going into the evening but during the week I just hit a wall.

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daffodilbrain Thu 18-Jul-19 12:47:44

The only thing that works is going to bed early and getting c8 hrs sleep. In the meantime eat/drink as much water, fruit and veg as you can or avoid the bad carbs we all reach for.mon- thurs don't sweat making fancy meals basic food is fine. Don't worry about tidying house, cleaning or anything Mid week. smile

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