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First day working as a carer... help?!

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moonandstars35 Wed 17-Jul-19 09:18:30

Hi all,

Tomorrow I have my first day working as a carer in a residential home for 43, all elderly residents and some with dementia.

Background is in maternity as a maternity assistant so no stranger to bodily fluids however obviously in a much different context.

Tomorrow is the first of my 6 ‘shadow’ shifts and I’m so nervous about the practicalities of it all and mainly becoming a burden to an already immensely busy group of people!

Things like do I know how much “to do” for each resident re:personal care?
... wearing the right things (aprons gloves)
... where things are
... how the call bells work and learning which room is where
... learning the traits of each resident

Any tips from anyone working as a carer currently? (Things that they’ve seen newbies do they wish they hadn’t!)

I’ve already had many tips about making sure I have a thick skin and the conflict that is sometimes there with staff etc ... but I have developed that from my last job I think it’s more practical stuff tbh

Thanks in advance xx

moonandstars35 Wed 17-Jul-19 14:38:52

bumping this up... any tips guys? TIA x

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