Contract vs permanent roles

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HidingFromDD Fri 12-Jul-19 09:25:35

It's pretty much exactly the same as perm roles except its got a fixed end date. You're entitled to the same benefits, holidays, sick etc and, even if it's fixed term you'll get redundancy at the end if its over 2 years (won't be much though). If it's fixed funding I wouldn't hold much hope of extension but where I used to work the business model was ftc (service provider and locations changed regularly) and many people moved on to different ftc when theirs was coming to an end

CountingToThree Fri 12-Jul-19 09:12:08

Thank you - will see how it goes on Monday!

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Kazzyhoward Fri 12-Jul-19 08:51:22

It all depends on what the contract says - go along for interviews etc., and worry about all that when you're offered the job and are given the contract to sign. Read the contract - all the terms & conditions re notice periods etc will be in it.

Sunshine1235 Fri 12-Jul-19 08:14:07

I’ve always had fixed term contracts for various reasons. In some cases it was just the policy of the company to have a fixed term contract (2-3 yrs) and then it would just be extended at the end of that period. In other cases I had a fixed term contract because the job was linked to a specific pot of funding, so yes when that funded was gone then I had to look for a new job. Most the time a new pot of funding was found or I applied for project funding and then took over the project myself.

Obviously all contracts are different so I can’t speak to your situation but my notice time etc wasn’t any different (if anything it might have been shorter than my permenabt colleagues) and I could (and did) leave before the contracts were up in several cases. I also got pay rises while on fixed term contracts. I think it would be ok for you to ask though in the interview (depending on the context of the role) what their hopes were for the end of the role, it might be that part of your role is securing funding for it to continue or that they hope for it to continue long term just can’t commit to that until the role has proved itself

CountingToThree Fri 12-Jul-19 08:03:26

Bump for daytime

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CountingToThree Thu 11-Jul-19 21:05:45

I am currently doing two part time permanent jobs. I have an interview next week for a 3yr part time contract role in an area I am interested in moving into. It's better paid and enough hours so I can move to one job instead of two.

But I've never had a fixed term contract role, What do I need to consider?

Are notice periods similar if I need to move roles in less than 3 years?
Would the salary be set as now, or do contract roles get standard pay rises (not an industry with bonuses)
What happens at the end? Its a set pot of money funding the role so I don't knkw if it'll continue and a small organisation so unlikely to be another role to move into. Would there be flex on a leaving date if I left a little early for my next role?

Any other differences I need to think about?

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