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Advice on career change to Actuary

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chinchin2019 Thu 11-Jul-19 14:33:24

I currently work as a Physics and Mathematics teacher in an international school in Spain, kinda fed up of teaching, lack of money and want a career change. I really love mathematics so I have decided to pursue a carrer in Acturial science, but I will remain in this school until next year, when we move back to the UK. I studied engineering up to masters level, and have been teaching IB mathematics at Diploma level for the past four years. I have a few questions to anyone working in the profession, firstly will the fact that I am not a fresh graduate hinder my chances ? Can apply for graduate jobs? or am I too old, I mean I graduated about 10 years ago, and masters degree completed four year ago. I have been considering taking CT1 exam with self study, just to demonstrate that I have the academic ability, would you consider this a good idea, or should I just wait and apply for jobs. Any other advice will be welcomed, I also have two young children and I know it is going to be a challenge making a career change. Thanks

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