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Head of department making return to work intolerable

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Cerealtoaste Tue 09-Jul-19 11:16:30

Returned to work after mat leave 6 months ago. I used to love my job. I am a secondary school teacher.

My Head of Department however is making life intolerable since returning. She changed towards me when I was pregnant and I have since discovered that she is unable to have children.

My confidence in my work is already low following mat leave and she is nitpicking at everything I do. She has never said or done anything personally, but I am pretty sure her issues are personal ones which arevmanifesting in professional criticisms.

I am currently going through a separation from my husband (she does not know this) and I have visited my doctor due to extreme stress and she wants to sign me off work as she believes the way my manager is treating me is a huge contributing factor to how I'm feeling.

On paper, it looks like she is doing her job. But in reality, verbally, she is being highly critical, taking away a lot of my power by saying...
"Did you ask me about that .."
"Have you checked that with me...?"
I feel stifled and completely under-valued.

I am considering approaching the Headteacher, but I've no doubt it will look petty. Also, for me to say I think all this is actually stemming from the fact that I've had a baby will be considered quite far-fetched.

What to do?

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Thesuzle Tue 09-Jul-19 17:45:03

Don’t work in education but, you need to mark your territory with the head and get it in writing before it goes much further..
In a face to face meeting, just spell out that you are concerned for her (haha) but her manner is causing you some stress.

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