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If you are paid weekly.....views please

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iamadramallama Tue 09-Jul-19 09:06:10

If you are paid weekly and work variable hours, do you think about your pay (and specifically how competitive it is) in hourly rate or the equivalent annual salary?

For example - would you look at another role and think, "that roles paying £8.90 per hour and I'm on £8.70, that's a good increase" or would you look at what your hourly rate translates to annually and then compare?


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Mum2threejs Tue 09-Jul-19 23:27:33

I have been paid weekly for my last two jobs. When changing it was more work out (average) weekly pay rate and budget weekly. One job I was offered was slightly higher rate than the other but transport for the week would have been more expensive, so not worth it.

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