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A job from home that doesn’t involve selling online?

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Lovemusic33 Mon 08-Jul-19 12:17:36

I know it’s probably an impossible ask and one many of us would like.

I’m a single mum to 2 dd’s who have sn’s, because they are in receipt of DLA I get carers allowance so do not technically have to work full time. At the moment I work part time to get me out of the house and to keep me in work incase I have to move over to full time work in the future. My job is well paid meaning I don’t have to work too many hours but it’s also very stressful at times and tends to take over (I kind of bring my work home with me and it’s emotionally draining). I have just given notice to drop one of my shifts and ideally I would like to leave but I would get bored doing nothing. Finding a full time job is almost impossible as I have no childcare for dd2 who is severely autistic so school holidays are impossible ☹️

I would love to find something I could possibly do from home but also involves getting out a bit and meeting people but all these kinds of jobs seem to be selling things (make up, Avon etc..) and that’s really not me. I working in mental health at the moment and although it’s rewarding I would like something less stressful. I’m pretty good with my hands, making things, cooking things (I’m a trained chef and baker). I only need to make £150 ish a week. I have tried making celebration cakes from home in the last but could not make enough money for the amount of time I spend making them.

Does anyone work from home part time and if so doing what?

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BobTheFishermansWife Mon 08-Jul-19 12:20:18

Virtual PA
Audio transcriber
Proof Reader

Could you do a beauty course and do nails/makeup/hair from home?

Same as above with a HR or Accountancy course?

Magmatic80 Mon 08-Jul-19 12:23:06

I came in to say admin/PA. I was a PA via Skype for 2 months when I relocated and it was fine. We had a Skype call open most of the day, and I could send stuff to print to my Director’s printer and vice versa. Our phones were connected too. Was great!

Lovemusic33 Mon 08-Jul-19 12:27:53

Beauty and nails is my worst nightmare, I’m someone who wears no make up and bites my nails and I can’t think of anything worse to spend money on so could not sell that service to anyone 🤣

My English skills are pretty rubbish so I’m not sure typing would work. I am good at maths but other than that I’m more the arty, hands on type. My computer skills are not that great (I just know the basics). I have made money before on eBay, buying and selling and also upcycling but eBay fees increasing made it a bit tricky but it’s something I enjoyed doing.

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MrsGaryLightbody Mon 08-Jul-19 12:31:36

I don't know how to link , but pop over to money matters and check out 6 months in ( earn £10 a day) and going strong.. make sure you read through it all as much as possible.
I needed to literally stay in my home and survive to earn at leat £150 a month and I'm doing that easily with the tips and help provided the OP
Good luck

YesQueen Mon 08-Jul-19 12:46:35

Matched betting?

babysharkah Mon 08-Jul-19 15:07:37

What is your p/t job now?

newmomof1 Mon 08-Jul-19 15:11:37

@Lovemusic33 why not do the buying/upcycling and selling but use depop or Shpock or Facebook marketplace instead?
You can insist on payments through PayPal for security so you'll still pay small fees but not as high as eBay image fees

newmomof1 Mon 08-Jul-19 15:12:44

Alternatively could you look for a term-time only job?

dirtyfries Mon 08-Jul-19 15:50:44

matched betting - look up teamprofit
£150 a week is easily doable, especially if you're good with numbers

Lovemusic33 Mon 08-Jul-19 16:25:39

Babyshark I’m a support worker (mental health) but it’s not something I ever really planned on doing, just fell into it 2 years ago when I returned to work, originally I was a chef and worked in all aspects of catering.

I looked into match betting a few weeks ago, my ex used to make quite a bit doing it but it all confuses me a little, maybe I need to read more into it?

I could also start the buying and selling again, though I used to spend a lot of time going to boot sales and auctions which is tricky now as most are at weekends when I have dc’s with me.

I applied for a job at a local school a while ago but didn’t get it, I don’t really fancy working with children as I have done my time with the dc 🤣🤣, a cooking job would be ok but most schools get their meals from off site now.

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HypatiaCade Mon 08-Jul-19 18:25:21

Around here a lot of cafes buy homemade cakes from small business cake makers. So tasty but not elaborately decorated like celebration cakes are. Things like chocolate cakes, carrot cakes, muffins etc.

Lovemusic33 Mon 08-Jul-19 18:47:08

Hypatia I would love to do that, I’m just rubbish at promoting myself and approaching cafes, I need to man up a bit and get some confidence. I know my cakes are good and I have sold them before at farmer market type places so maybe it’s something I can look into.

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HypatiaCade Mon 08-Jul-19 21:41:08

I know someone who used to freeze the cakes she made in halves for a cafe, and they would take them out as they needed. The cakes would have icing in the middle rather than on top, the top would just have sifted icing sugar or cocoa (cake dependant). You have to have a very moist recipe though, to make sure the cake doesn't dry out if you do this.

The other thing could be to make gluten free, or other specific allergy cakes/or bread. Using coconut flour you can make a very low carb bread/flat bread, etc for the low carbers, or an HRT cake etc, etc. You need to look at what the demand is in your area.

Celebration cakes made specifically for various allergies could also be fairly lucrative, egg free, gluten free, but free, dairy free. A lot of the 'free from' cakes tend to be multi-purpose, so gluten, egg and dairy free and the combination ends up bland. Hard to find one which is solely egg free, for example.

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