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Anyone else dreading work tomorrow.... or just me?

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GinIsHappiness Sun 07-Jul-19 21:23:15

I don't even know why. I'm into my 3rd month back after MAT leave and haven't felt like it at all... until now. I feel like a kid that doesn't want to go to school.

Anyone else get like this?

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tomtom1999xx Sun 07-Jul-19 21:26:41

I start to feel sick around 4pm Sunday afternoon.
No way to live sad

TitianaTitsling Sun 07-Jul-19 21:29:34

Me, we are so short staffed, no sign of recruitment, can't get agency staff so having to borrow from other areas, it's scary.

blackcat86 Sun 07-Jul-19 21:43:39

Me to. I've been back from mat leave for about 6 weeks. I enjoyed it at first but now it's back to the usual office politics but with the added fun of childcare arrangements. I keep looking at DD thinking hmmmm maybe i can see the appeal of 2 under 2 wink

tisonlymeagain Sun 07-Jul-19 21:48:17

Same feelings here. I wake up on Sunday morning thinking "Monday tomorrow" sad

Liked my job until recently when we got new owners. Now I think they're going to take away all my home and flexi working and I'm 10 weeks pregnant - got massive anxiety about work at the moment and can't focus at all.

QuantumWeatherButterfly Sun 07-Jul-19 22:10:12

I was. But I resigned last week. Much happier now!

GinIsHappiness Tue 09-Jul-19 19:46:09

How was everyone's Monday? Mine was ok. Today seemed better. Still been feeling meh about work though.

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Mitebiteatnite Tue 09-Jul-19 19:51:59

I was like this for a long time in my old job. I studied for years to do it, and ended up hating it. Without exception I would be a sobbing wreck come 3pm on a Sunday.
So I jacked it all in to go and work on a mobile burger van, and unwittingly ended up doing my most favourite job I've ever done. It showed me that there is so much more to life than work, and being miserable in your job affects so much of your life. I'm back to doing the job I'm qualified for now, albeit in a totally different setting and a 3 counties away! But I will always have that experience in the back of my head and I will never, ever stay in a job that affects my mental health in the way that one did.

feelingsicknow Tue 09-Jul-19 19:59:18

I'm going back in about 8 weeks from MAT leave - dreading it and looking forward to it in equal measure. But really concerned with the 'juggle' and how I'll manage. Most days I don't shower/brush teeth until later in the day. Think that'll have to change when I go back to an office grin

underthebridgedowntown Tue 09-Jul-19 20:04:48

I'm like this about work at the moment - can't exactly put my finger in what's wrong, but think it's just the culture of the place. Been there 9 months, and I miss my old team and organisation. I was only in my old job for 18 months and left for this promotion (would have stayed otherwise), but I felt so much more at home in the old place after 3-4 months than I do after 9 at my 'new' one... need to wait it out though and see if it gets better, although we are ttc and I'm hoping I get pregnant soon so I can look forward to mat leave!

underthebridgedowntown Tue 09-Jul-19 20:06:35

Work is also definitely worse when my hormones are having fun. Today was rubbish - I felt grumpy being there and also felt guilt because I was grumpy and so not really applying myself which of course makes the grumpy worse. I'm looking forward to the weekend already.

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