Pregnancy negativity

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kittycat01 Thu 04-Jul-19 09:48:56

Since getting married, I had received comments in the office about getting pregnant and questions about why I hadn't yet had children (we had been struggling but nobody knew that). I then fell pregnant a year later and I announced my pregnancy to my manager at the end of last year and he told me I was telling him too soon (7 weeks) even though due to the nature of my role we are encouraged to tell our managers ASAP so they can carry out a risk assessment. I was suddenly put through a disciplinary the following day for a non work related matter (which I later went on to win). I sadly miscarried (MMC) at my 12 week scan and was signed off sick for a few weeks. When I returned I was advised by a colleague that everyone was gossiping as they didn't know why I'd been off. To put an end to the gossip I emailed my team telling them about the MMC.

I am pregnant again (12 weeks) and emailed my manager last week. Unfortunately I never see him as he works from home and he never answers his phone. He has responded to all of my other emails but ignored my pregnancy email.

Has anybody else had any similar negativity at work? What should I do in relation to him not responding to my email? Just carry on as normal?

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sunflowersandbutterflies Thu 04-Jul-19 10:34:15

I don't think you're experiencing negativity?

Your colleagues were gossiping because you'd gone off unexpectedly. It's not unheard of for an office especially if anyone knew you'd been in for disciplinary and word does her round about these things though it shouldn't. They possibly thought you'd been sacked or were suspended. None of their business of course. I wouldn't have emailed them like that, it's your personal medical information. If anyone would have asked me directly and I wanted to share my sad news then I'd have said, but other than that sometimes a dignified silence is best for gossip.

And I don't think your boss is being negative either, possibly he's forgotten or overlooked it. Bit rude of him, but not negative.

If you need a assessment for safety reasons being pregnant is maybe drop your boss a line again letting them know but other than that I wouldn't worry!

Good luck with the pregnancy.

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