Anyone do Usborne?

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shaunab82 Sun 30-Jun-19 13:20:01

Hi, I'm a stay at home mum of 3 and want a little business to earn money. I was thinking of doing Usbrone does anyone do it? I know how much the starter kit costs, but what other money do you need to spend? I have seen some people have their own website how much does that cost? And how do you get stalls at fairs? Thankyou for any help.

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TheQueef Sun 30-Jun-19 13:20:48

Isn't it MLM?

LolaSmiles Sun 30-Jun-19 13:35:40

It's an MLM and almost nobody makes money from an MLM.

In fact, MLMs encourage you to manipulate and recruit other people (often new mums, stay at home mums, people who can't work due to disability) by finding out their weak spots and sell a lifestyle.

Mumsnet is generally pretty blunt on how predatory MLMs are.

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