Any creatives out there? Is it possible to teach yourself Adobe Creative Suite/Cloud applications?

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Revulva Sat 29-Jun-19 17:08:13

I have very basic knowledge of the main apps. I've worked more in the account management side for years and have always been interested in design. I'm wondering if it's possible to teach myself so that I can use them in my new business. I'm not planning to be a creative as such but just to be able to do some basic stuff. I can't really afford to do a proper course although I expect I can find stuff online to help.

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Revulva Sat 29-Jun-19 19:26:45


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PlatinumBrunette Sat 29-Jun-19 19:34:15

Most definitely. It helps if you have a specific project and know what you want to achieve, then google it. I think there are loads of videos and courses ‘out there’ but it’s been a while since I looked. Be sure to include the version you need to learn in your search, as they’re all slightly different.

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