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Craft selling pricing.

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WhoAmI30 Mon 24-Jun-19 20:20:30

Hey, ive recently set up an etsy shop for some of my crafts but im really struggling with pricing my items. Is there anyone that can help at all with this. Or would anyone be willing to have a little look at my etsy page and give me there personal feedback please.
Dont know if im being too hard on myself or not because ive only done crafts as gifts before and self confidence is not my strong point.
Thanks to anyone taking the time to read this.

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Nodney Mon 24-Jun-19 20:22:19

I'll definitely take a look!

Knittedfairies Mon 24-Jun-19 20:26:48

Have you looked online for advice? Some help here for example. Good luck with your new venture!

WhoAmI30 Mon 24-Jun-19 20:30:19

Thanks guys, this link should work.

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WhoAmI30 Mon 24-Jun-19 20:40:50

Wow, thank you for that link, all the searching I've done online and have not found that, that is really helpful.

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