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Starting work at a different time- does it make me look bad?

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MarvellousMayhem Fri 21-Jun-19 08:40:33

I have worked in this job for a year and we have been understaffed until recently. At the interview, I was told the hours are 09.00- 17.00, in reality, the start time on two of the days is 8.30 due to set up and I still leave at 17.00.
We have new staff, so at a meeting, I suggested we could stagger start/leave times. I am the only one who wants to start at 09.00, the rest of the team want to start at 8.30 on the hope they may leave at 16.30 if possible. My boss is okay for me to start at 8.30 but I feel like it makes me look bad? WWYD?

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Isleepinahedgefund Sat 22-Jun-19 11:28:28

You asked for something, you got it and now you're worried it will make you look bad....

Will the other people realistically be able to leave at 16:30? If not then I think resentment will breed very quickly. If you can cover TIL 5 safely on your own so they so they can leave, fair enough.

MarvellousMayhem Sun 23-Jun-19 05:21:47

Thank's that it is a good point. It was meant to be that someone else started later also and then we alternate it but everyone else is super keen to come in early... so I may already look bad.
It is their choice to start 8.30 and yes I can try to support them to leave at 16.30 and should safely be able to cover by myself or with one of them staying till 17.00 but I think resentment may happen as it may seem I am leaving it to the new staff/lazy. I can start at the earlier time but inevitably I end up working extra for free and I am fed up with it!

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