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Single Mum, home educater, no childcare, low money, need to work from home...

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Lockit Tue 18-Jun-19 00:53:39

Hi everyone,

Can anybody please recommend a company that I can join or job role that I can achieve from home with my current situation please?

I full-time home educate my 3 Sons, single handedly, they all have special educational needs and thrive at home. This is non negotiable. I have no childcare and I need to earn a part time wage working 16 hours guaranteed a week or we will loose our house.

I am a fully qualified NVQ Level 3Beauty Therapist with additional training in various areas. The plan was always to use a space in our house to run a massage and foot care business from, this was all going to plan and underway until the benefit cap came in forcing us to have to move house. We now have no space whatsoever to do this from. I'm gutted as this was my dream and seemingly the only way to proceed with making our life work.

I have recently come across virtual PA jobs and was wondering if anyone could please recommend any companies that I could work for from home?

Or if there are any other job roles I could do from home that as anyone knows of I'd very much appreciate the recommendations.

Thank you so much.


Isleepinahedgefund Sat 22-Jun-19 11:25:43

When would you propose to work? Your schedule is already very, very busy and I think employers would be sceptical about your ability to work 16 hours and how you would reliably fit that around your caring responsibilities.

Tumbleweed101 Mon 08-Jul-19 07:59:16

Is there any way you could get the children to share a bedroom and use a bedroom as a treatment room for your own business? Or perhaps have a sofa bed for yourself? Not ideal but might get you started?

MissCharleyP Mon 08-Jul-19 18:53:13

When would you do your 16 hours? Could you work weekends? A lot of salons in my area rent chairs/rooms to other therapists which gives them a space and allows them to work hours as they choose. Could that be an option? Or go mobile if you have someone to watch DC in the evening?

JoxerGoesToStuttgart Mon 08-Jul-19 18:56:50

OP is your kitchen big enough that you could use it as a kitchen/living room and use your living room as a treatment room? Or have a Murphy bed in your bedroom and undo fold it up in the day to use your room as a treatment room?

Hoppinggreen Mon 08-Jul-19 19:00:25

I really don’t see what you could do with 3 dc at home.
People who work from home usually have childcare or the dc are at school. Very difficult situation OP and I really feel for you

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