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Mystery Shopping

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MysteryCustomer Tue 04-Jun-19 15:02:16

Hello all, apologies if this is in the wrong place, and feel free to move it if it is not, but one fantastic way to earn some extra income is through mystery shopping.

I started mystery shopping a few years ago and absolutely love it - having the flexibility to accept or reject jobs when they come my way is perfect for what I need. I used to think mystery shopping was all about being paid peanuts for going down the high street and pretending to be a customer but I have carried out some really interesting jobs over the years - visiting law firms, being shown around schools etc. all while being paid a decent amount per job.

For anyone who is looking for flexible work, I could not recommend giving it a go enough. If anyone is interested, one of the companies that I currently work for is currently looking for people who can mystery shop an estate agent by making an online enquiry and have someone visit to value your property. For more information about this and for details on the pay please feel free to private message me! They are looking for people with houses in:
- London
- Cheltenham
- Cirencester
- Bishops Stortford

As I say I find mystery shopping to be a great source of flexible income, has anyone else had any experience of doing this?

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