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should i charge?

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rabodotigre Mon 27-May-19 18:03:52

Hello all! First post smile I would appreciate your input. I run a small childrens' clothing brand, it is very early days, but it's going well so far. I have been approached by a reputable Instagram blogger who organises a bi-annual market for small brands to participate in her market. This participation has cost me £300 (It is yet to happen this weekend). The blogger requested some samples of clothing to be photographed on her daughter to be published on Instagram before the event. The photos looked lovely and my Instagram following has doubled after the posts she published. Yesterday I receive an email from her asking me for my bank details, as she wants to keep all the dresses I sent, as she loves them and would like to keep them for the daughter. I am not sure what I should do in this situation. Should I gift the dresses? Should I charge half? Should I charge all of it? (It's about £200) The promotion organised by her has been great for my brand, and I feel a bit guilty for charging her. whyd?

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dartitus Mon 27-May-19 18:19:38

If she’s freely offered to pay for them I think that’s great as most bloggers expect them for free! Maybe give her a nice discount percentage wise?

Cloudyapples Mon 27-May-19 18:24:00

I’d give her a good discount and if you can afford it then maybe offer a special offer for her followers Eg 10% off or a free gift if they spend x and use the code?

Cloudyapples Mon 27-May-19 18:25:12

(A unique code is also good because you can see if you actually gained business from her audience - an increase in followers is good but you want sales too!)

SmellMySmellbow Mon 27-May-19 18:25:55

I'd offer them at cost. And include a "I'd love to see more pics of her wearing them!"

INeedNewShoes Mon 27-May-19 18:27:27

Tricky one.

I think I'd give her a really good discount (say, 40%) or charge full price for all but one of the items but give that free.

I know bigger businesses would most likely not charge but you need to make your business viable at this stage.

INeedNewShoes Mon 27-May-19 18:35:50

I posted before I'd thought it through properly!

Are they professional photographs? If yes, who covered that cost?

Basically has the blogger incurred any costs to do this promotion?

And has she been reimbursed for time spent?

If she spent a couple of hours doing this then I'm coming more round to thinking that making at least some of the clothes a gift is the right thing to do.

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