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Setting up a new business whilst on maternity leave

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Appymummy Sun 26-May-19 18:18:45

Hi all
I am looking into setting up my own business. I am currently on maternity leave from my employed position but only receive SMP.

My question is; do I need to hand my notice in a give up SMP or can I start the business up at the same time?

Many thanks in advance!

Melinamartin Tue 28-May-19 22:28:47

I am setting up my business and there is no need to hand your notice in when on maternity. There is lots of stuff on line to say that you can open a business when on maternity.

I however have signed to say that I have to go back for three months to work or I have to give all my maternity pay back as I get a good pay due to me being in the company for 8 years .

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