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We're merging some sections of the Talk boards

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MichaelMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 22-May-19 16:08:49

Hi all,
We’re doing some work on making the Talk boards more useful and user-friendly for both regular and new users. After looking at some stats for the site, we think we could boost activity on the whole by merging some of the lesser used sections.

We’re proposing to fold the topics in this section into the Workfest area.

This should increase the number of topics in the section - and hopefully lead to more posts and responses to members.

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TeenTimesTwo Sun 26-May-19 16:03:20

I can see why you'd want to move this section, but given it is currently in Education, why is it going to a Work area rather than just into the general Education board?

HunkyDory69 Sun 30-Jun-19 13:23:07

I agree re education rather than work

ExpletiveDelighted Sun 30-Jun-19 19:40:35

I am getting tired of this. I know it's a quiet topic but it is so handy having all the threads on one topic in one place. If Advance Search had better functionality I wouldn't mind, but as it is next to useless the small topics need to stay.

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