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Overbearing people

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mrsdopamine Sun 14-Apr-19 17:31:50

Does anyone have any advice for getting clients to back off a little? Am having continual comments on my style of communication and editing what I say and how I say it. It's early days and I want to nip this in the bud. It's really wearing and making me feel like I'm constantly wrong and being monitored. This male co worker/boss is extremely passive aggressive but also making me feel like an over emotional woman. It's a small team so feel awkward and worried about how sustainable this is.

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AFistfulofDolores1 Sun 14-Apr-19 17:43:55

It sounds like it's a non-starter. Particularly if the source of your problems is in a position of seniority. Sorry.

Hemlock2013 Sun 14-Apr-19 17:45:21

I think we need a bit of context. How are you being corrected? Can you give examples?

mrsdopamine Sun 14-Apr-19 17:52:32

Emails I have sent are critiqued in their tone and content. My feedback feels unwelcome and brusquely ignored. And I say the above then somehow I'm being over emotional. I feel super stressed and not at all empowered to do the senior job I've been asked to do. Feel like a junior again where I'm undermined at each turn.

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mrsdopamine Sun 14-Apr-19 17:53:19

Issue being that my role is within a small biz where too many cooks etc.

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MrPickles73 Fri 19-Apr-19 11:31:51

I would finish what you are doing for them and then move on. I wouldn't comment on their response to your emails just charge them for your time ;-)

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