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thinkingalot Sat 30-Mar-19 18:37:39

Any ideas on family friendly career options? I don't mind retraining. I've got a degree in psychology - have previously worked in research and as an assistant educational psychologist - not qualified to work independently as a practicing educational psychologist. Both roles are few and far between in this climate.

I'm educated to masters level in behavioural psychology.

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thinkingalot Sat 30-Mar-19 18:38:33

Currently a SAHM until little ones go to school.

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SewingMum46 Mon 29-Apr-19 15:56:13

I have worked for my current employer for several years. Started on three days a week but I am also self- employed in a related field. Over time I have been asked to do more on the self-employed side, and as a result I now work from home in that field on four days, which is invoiced to my employer and others, and work for my employer on one day. For several years this has worked well, but in July last year my working day was changed to Monday in order to fit in with my employer and a new employee, and what was convenient for them. It's now payday and I have realised that I have not been paid for the Easter bank holiday. I have had the same problem about six years ago, and found it very stressful to resolve. This time, I'm stressed because 1) I'm having to speak to my boss about it all over again 2) there was someone to speak on my behalf before and now there isn't 3) there are 2 bank holiday Mondays in May so my working hours aren't going to help me at all and 4) my colleague who works 2 days a week effectively gets 11.2 days paid holiday to choose from, and I'm going to be left with 1.6....

I'd value any advice. I've spoken to ACAS and they have told me that not being paid - even though I don't know whether the day has been deducted from my holiday entitlement - amounts to an unlawful deduction of wages. I get on well with my boss and don't want to rock the boat but I am very upset about it.

Lucymay Mon 13-May-19 09:40:40

Ever considered childcare recruitment? I’ve just found myself 30 weeks pregnant with the need to employ a new manager for my nanny agency. It would be 20 hours a week, mostly work from home with flexible schedule. London and Kent based for candidate registration and first few months training. Long shot, I know.... haha!

Lucymay Mon 13-May-19 09:41:49

Web address is if you are interested enough to check us out...

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