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Best Card Machine for small business?

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MintedLamb Thu 28-Mar-19 14:54:07

Any tips on this please? Preferably one that can be used on location with a phone. Probably won't be used more than 2 or 3 times a month but it would come in very handy for some clients. There are so many different ones out there and I feel like Im going around in circles.

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havingtochangeusernameagain Wed 03-Apr-19 17:29:27

I heard something about this at a networking event today. Most of the machines take 1.7% of your payments. The lady talking made the point that if you are in the fortunate position of earning £100,000 a year, that's £1700 in card payment fees! She said there are ways of reducing it to about 0.5% for debit cards and around 1.2% for credit cards.

You could look here: don;t be out off by the bridal, I think she does general business consultancy

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