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What work from home can I start straight away and get paid weekly?

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TheMuminator2 Mon 11-Mar-19 18:16:15

Any suggestions welcome. I am looking for something flexible and uncomplicated. No MLM etc I know this is a bit vague. Am looking to try something different so am open to suggestions to see what is out there.

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HeyCarrieAnneWhatsYourGame Mon 11-Mar-19 18:21:03

No suggestions but following.

FrederickCreeding Mon 11-Mar-19 18:22:26

What qualifications do you have?

TheMuminator2 Wed 13-Mar-19 16:40:24

language teaching

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AhhhHereItGoes Wed 13-Mar-19 16:46:55

Tutoring English online?
You can set your own times etc as long as you have the paperwork to prove this.

Proof reading or ghost writing.

TheMuminator2 Wed 13-Mar-19 17:35:07

Proofreading sound interesting anyone got any good links with good companies? Thanks

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OpiesOldLady Wed 13-Mar-19 17:39:21 or

TheMuminator2 Wed 13-Mar-19 17:49:00

Have you used them

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TheMuminator2 Wed 13-Mar-19 17:49:46

oh haha Sadly no proofreading services on

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OpiesOldLady Wed 13-Mar-19 18:10:02

Oops - didn't notice the proofreading post, sorry! grin

TheMuminator2 Thu 14-Mar-19 10:53:02

might give adultwork a weres that ole webcam @)

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funkylittleboatrace Fri 15-Mar-19 14:48:19

Chat websites pay weekly I did that for a few years , gets a bit tedious but very easy way to make quick money.

LondonUK Sat 16-Mar-19 14:09:33

1. Online tuition (if you have Skype)
2. Telephone operator (I wonder if Boots still needs staff)
3. Receptionist for online companies (I noticed lots of Groupon registered companies have off site receptionists)
4. Charity worker: check for all kind of opportunities

As with everything though, it might take time and not even be successful. The reality is, if you do not have anybody to help you in life, you have to start from zero. I completely understand the homeless featured in recent documentaries when they said that even new arrivals get more help. So not fair.

editingfairy Fri 29-Mar-19 14:01:49

Do you have any proofreading experience?? If not, then you can't start work as a proofreader. You need training and qualifications, just like you do for any other profession.

It really pisses me off when people bandy about proofreading, editing or ghost writing as 'easy' things to do when you want a bit of cash!!

FFS. There's plenty of advice on here on proofreading, if you search for it.

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