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app for calculating selling price from mark up

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Custardee Sun 10-Mar-19 21:29:10

Does anyone know of a good app I can put on my phone, to be able to work out what I would sell something for, based on the cost price and the margin i want to take?
Also, what cost price I would look to negotiate, base on what I want to sell it for and the margin wanted.


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Wondermoomin Sat 16-Mar-19 19:28:37

You can use any old calculator app for that, or a spreadsheet if you want to keep a record of the prices.

Novae Wed 10-Apr-19 12:49:00

You can try Margin Markup Calculator. It's a popular app for calculating many values such as margin percentage, sales markup, markup percentage, selling price and cost price, etc. It's very simple in using and has a nice design, also considered as one of the most convinient for the small business. You can also use it for free.
Cost Marging Calculator is an other one popular in this case. It's a free one too and like the previous app is based on predictive analytics principle which is used for ecommerce and accounting. It has five main functions like calculators for margin, cost, price, comission and the standard one too. It's very convinient in importing the results from the calcualtors into cost field too.

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