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Booboo30 Sat 02-Mar-19 19:27:26

I just started a new cleaning business. I charge per hour.

Today I cleaned a 3 bed house but she doesn't use the upstairs so I only did one bedroom/bathroom/kitchen/ living room. She only wanted two hours. It was hard to clean as there was stuff on the surfaces. I did as much as I could in 2 hours but really needed longer because of the state of it.

I currently offer by the hour and give a quote but I'm thinking as the houses get bigger I need longer and houses these days have 3 toilets sometimes!

I don't know weather to carry on offering by the hour and/or charge a fixed fee so I can get everything done however long it takes.
Quoting is difficult without seeing the state of the house first.

Which would you prefer?

Also would you expect your cleaner to move things on surfaces around so you can give it a proper clean with some exception ? Or should I state that surfaces must be cleared of clutter by the client in order to have a proper clean? I'm worried about losing/damaging things plus it would take forever.

How many hours to clean a 2 bed house or 3 bed?

Thanks for reading. Sorry it's long!!

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