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Best free website?

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RiddleMeThis2018 Sat 23-Feb-19 12:02:46

Hi all, hope you might be able to advise. I just need a very simple website to show some of my (text-based) work (which is all hosted on other websites anyway, in case that’s relevant). I reckon I can hammer it together myself, so i’m looking, I guess, for a free hosting service with step-by-step design. Can you recommend anything?

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grumiosmum Wed 27-Feb-19 17:51:21

Squarespace. Not free, but very cheap. I think I pay about £20 a year.

Really easy to use and looks good.

Clavender Thu 28-Feb-19 12:30:21

Have you looked at Wix? It seems quite easy to use, there are templates.

RiddleMeThis2018 Sat 02-Mar-19 22:52:24

Apologies for no reply. I found Wix in the end, perfect. Really easy to use, the finished product looks perfectly fine. Thank you!

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