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I'm opening a bathroom showroom !!

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Chickaletta16 Thu 21-Feb-19 07:14:36


I'm a graduate and have worked with some great blue chip companies. However, I have taken 10 years out to have and raise my four dc. My youngest one is starting school full time so I really want to get back into work. I have applied for dozens of jibs but my 10 year gap seems to be working against me. I have always wanted to open my own business and have some savings so am going into partnership with a joiner who specialises in bathroom installation. I have purchased my domain name, secured the unit and we are currently fitting it to showcase stunning medium to high end bathrooms. I am a great seller and used to sell kitchens and bathrooms part.time so am very confident I can do.this. Also, there is a market out there for high end bathrooms. Can Any one give me some advice on anything else I need to consider please. We have a team of 6 joiner working for us and I'm sure we will handle any sort of workload. Thank you.

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NeenaSh Thu 07-Mar-19 21:20:17

Hi, I would consider getting an accountant to take care of the admin and numbers so you can focus on the rest of your business. I found a lady who had just started her own business and was really helpful would be happy to pass on her details.

Chickaletta16 Thu 07-Mar-19 22:09:24

Thank you neena sure plse pm met her details x

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NeenaSh Tue 19-Mar-19 22:30:09

Any updates on how the business is going?

Terriblyhurt32 Tue 19-Mar-19 23:34:38

We are getting ready to open at the end if April x

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