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Anyone have any ideas about term time working?

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stillworkingitout Wed 20-Feb-19 08:35:35

We are in the middle of the repetitive squabble about whose responsibility it is to cover half term at the moment. I have a very flexible employer but limited (but generous) annual leave. Between us, we have just about enough leave to cover all of the school holidays. But so far it hasn’t been evenly split. We will need to have some holiday club cover in place for the summer, which is fine. But I’m wondering about term time only contracts - I can’t find a decent calculator online.

I have a nice job, I’m very lucky. I work for nice people, in higher education as a project manager. They are good about flexibility and I’m good at what I do. DH also works for the same employer but he’s more senior and has more pressure on him (I have quite a high workload too but it’s self driven and directed). The job is fixed term though, so I won’t have this flexibility for ever. And we have a younger child in nursery where term time only isn’t an option.

I’m wondering if me either working term time only, or just having some unpaid leave each year might actually be better for us. Or whether it would be too big a pay cut.

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