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Self Employed Courier

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scotgal2017 Sun 17-Feb-19 14:59:28

I'm looking to change jobs as the job I started last year is very stressful and I'm trying to reduce stress in my life! My ideal is to start my own business but that does not seem plausible at the moment as I have no savings etc.

So, I have started job hunting and I came across an advert for Hermes. It says you can work as a self employed courier with them. Has anyone (female) done this kind of job and would you recommend it?

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VeganCow Mon 18-Feb-19 10:50:31

Do a search for people who have done/do this, Glassdoor etc. I looked into it and its very low paid unless you work 50plus hours a week. Its something like 45p a parcel and youre lucky to get minimum hourly wage by the time you've parked up, found the place, rang the bell etc. ALso you don't get paid unless the customer actually takes delivery.

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