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Sunflower678 Fri 15-Feb-19 01:59:34

Hi, hoping for some advice. I'm doing a temporary promotion to cover a colleague on sick leave. Without getting into the details, I managed to really upset a colleague. I'm managing two people, one is brand new. Im not based in the office. My new colleague was explaining something she was doing, it wasn't making sense and I was getting annoyed with my questions being batted away so I asked if she could forward me the thread of emails. It turned out that the other colleague had arranged something that I didn't completely agree with. Instead of taking it up separately with her, I emailed over the chain of emails (nothing terrible, just a sort of clarification of what to follow through on). I then copied in two senior people who were part of the thread. Later I had an email from the experienced colleague I manage saying it was all in hand etc but she got the impression from my email i was upset or annoyed about something and did I want 30m to chat. This really threw me and I realised she was annoyed I'd copied in the other colleagues etc. We met and I apologised but it was pretty fraught, as there was a bunch of issues to untangle around communication lines. I almost lost my temper at one point and found myself saying 'I need you to take more ownership', then I tempered myself and said 'of this specific thing etc'. Its just really tough as I've taken this job to cover someone's sick leave and I've never managed before and am suddenly managing actually three people, two of whom are new (and I'm doing same job as two of them) and I'm bombarded with questions, not to mention its been a horrendous year as we've not had a leader for most of it. Anyway we talked it through, hugged at the end, but I noticed she was away from her desk most of the afternoon. She sent an email today and seems ok, but I know I've been feeling terrible so I'm sure I've made her feel shit. I had to talk to my line manager and another senior colleague about it, as I am paranoid she will complain so thought I'd come clean. Are there some small practical ways I can make this up to her, that don't seem like I am sucking up? What do other people do when they make 'people mistakes' and realise they have been a nightmare? Should I just try and forget about it?

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Monty27 Fri 15-Feb-19 02:27:37

Learn fast. hmm

Sunflower678 Fri 15-Feb-19 20:07:32

Ha that does basically sum it up, yes. Thanks.

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