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Cost for trading in a food trailer

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KelGrim Thu 14-Feb-19 11:28:11

Me and my husband are thinking about buying a food trailer, I'm interested in knowing how much it will cost to get it set up minus the trailer and stock. So what I am really asking how much approximately is it for things like: street trading consent, has checks, pat test, insurance, checks for trailer, food hygiene course and so on. Any help welcome..
Do you need a street training consent to trade at car boots and in business car parks??

cannycat20 Wed 20-Feb-19 14:35:35

Hi, some links that might help you: has information about legislation, costs, and lots more


The second link is part of a national caterers' organisation who also produce a really useful print guide to setting up as a caterer; there is also masses of information available free on their website. Good luck - I'm currently investigating the possibilities for a family member, and it seems that every authority is slightly different and you need to apply for separate licences in most cases...

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