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Idea for rock star workshop for kids? Stumped!

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Hullabalooo Mon 04-Feb-19 18:11:51

I'm running a creative workshop (two hours) for kids aged 6-12 later this month on the theme of Rock stars.

I'm really tired at the moment and cannot think of a single thing to do with the blighters. Any ideas? Pinterest has come up with precisely zero ideas.

There's no budget for materials which doesn't help either. Help!

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ClashCityRocker Mon 04-Feb-19 18:15:46

Well, assuming indulging in class As and groupies are out...

Get into groups, pick a name for the band, design a logo etc. Write and perform a song with perhaps prerecorded rock music backing?

Have some reporters pretending to interview rock stars?

ChessIsASport Mon 04-Feb-19 18:29:42

Is it creative as in craft or music? That is a big age range.

If it is craft. I’d probably start with a print out with four guitar outlines on it and get them to come up with some guitar designs. Colouring and drawing is always a good calm activity to do while everyone is arriving. Then bring out large guitars cut out of cardboard with shoulder straps from a choice of ribbons and let them go mad with glue, paint, patterned paper, sequins etc. If you ask around shops you could probably get enough cardboard for free.

You could also design band T shirts, have some famous examples to look at. Then just cheap t-shirts and fabric pens.

At the end you could have a photo booth with other rock star props, music to dance to and they can pose in their t- shirts with their guitars. Either use a Polaroid so they can take a copy with them or send a digital copy to the parents.

I do craft clubs with 5-7 year olds though!

sleepyhead Mon 04-Feb-19 18:47:47

Can you borrow a console and singstar/guitar hero/dance mat game etc?

You could have a highscore leaderboard and get them to rotate through games as well as crafts.

Rock star skills sessions - running the gauntlet with the paparazzi, writing a concert rider... erm some other stuff.

Hullabalooo Mon 04-Feb-19 21:04:56

Ooh they're all useful. Thank you everyone! Really was stumped so this is triggering some new thinking

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Hullabalooo Tue 05-Feb-19 09:51:14

It's a craft activity rather than a music one. It'll be in a big empty room but with plug sockets.

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Saisong Tue 05-Feb-19 09:56:09

Can you get some large rolls of paper then get them to lie down and trace their outlines, then paint/glue/collage their rock star alter egos? Have a naming session. Play some fab rock music - do musical statues/ best dance off as a filler activity.

Hullabalooo Wed 06-Feb-19 08:34:37

You're all brilliant!

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cannycat20 Wed 20-Feb-19 15:15:46

Rock star hangman; rock star wordsearch; rock star charades (though as someone said, that's a heck of an age range so I could see how they might be too old for the younger ones); rock star "mood boards", cardboard and old magazines that they can cut and stick (will the littlies have someone to do any scissor work for them?); your local charity shop might have magazines you could pick up cheaply.

And I know it's not a voice workshop, but what about a few minutes on breathing and/or a Do-Re-Mi type exercise? Also, years ago when I did a voice training workshop one of the things they did was get us to project our voices against different surfaces e.g. curtains versus hard walls. It makes a huge difference to the sound. And it might sound elementary, but so does standing up straight and making sure your mouth is open and making the right shapes for vowel sounds...maybe some mirror work so they can see the difference, or pair work?

And depending on what kit you'll have with you, there is free software out there (Audacity springs to mind for laptops, not sure if they have an app) that allows you to record your voice and add different sound effects. Depends on how many kids you will have, though, and how many helpers/how comfortable they are with techy things...Good luck!

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