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Loss Job and Started New Business- Now Pregnant! HELP!

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PrimroseBaby Mon 04-Feb-19 08:46:00

Hi all,
(New here so please feel free to share advice on how you best use mumsnet)

I lost my job in early December, and after failing to find a job after numerous rejections, I started my own business 3 weeks ago in early Jan. Fastforward to last week, and I now find out I'm pregnant. What a crazy couple of months! (Funnily enough, we were 'trying' and stopped when I lost my job, but BAM, fell pregnant anyway!)

Financially, I'm panicking. I can't give up the business as I have multiple bookings throughout the year and invested ££ into it, but Im not earning enough to give myself maternity, and I don't know what I'm entitled to as a new mum.

Financil advice to a nervous mum?

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