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How did you find or refine your passion(s), what are they?

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SupremeDreamz Sun 27-Jan-19 00:18:22

I have been a self employed, work from home type since leaving uni. Things have reshuffled a bit recently and I am going to need to redefine what I do and spend time on. I feel thinly spread and like I am not focusing in on one thing.

Knowing your passion and then turning that into a business seems to be the way forward but ...I have so many!

So! My questions to you all are these:
What are your passions?
Do you have one, stand out passion that throws all others into the shade?
How have you connected your work and your passion?

I am passionate about:
Deep conversation, wine, snooker, writing crime fiction, don't mind copy writing as it's different enough day to day, travel, business, art, comedy ... you get the idea!

Currently work as a freelance graphic designer (just fell into it when desperate for cash post uni) and part time copywriter. I'd really like to start something new that I can channel all my energy into.

Dreamer75 Fri 01-Feb-19 19:44:45


Not sure I can offer much. I work full time but definitely have not found my passion yet. I wish I could be content with having a comfortable 9-5 office job but I'd love my work to be more meaningful and creative than it is.

What's driving your desire to change? Can you volunteer or try and get different types of work experience, and see what you enjoy?

I know nothing about graphic design but am teaching myself InDesign at the moment and love it!


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