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Does anyone need an extra pair of hands to help out with their business?

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Chocolateyclaire76 Sat 26-Jan-19 06:56:50

I’m mum to 2 little girls and after having time out to look after them, i’m now looking to venture back out to work.

I’ve had 14 years office based experience, within the apparel industry, where communication, coordination and organisational skills were vital.

If anyone out there needs a friendly helping hand then please let me know - oh and I make a mean cuppa!

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HumptyNumptyNooNoo Sat 09-Mar-19 08:22:50

Where are you based? What would be your travel circle from their ie 20 miles around Bristol ...

Amoregentlemanlikemanner Thu 21-Mar-19 21:38:20


WineIsMyCarb Thu 21-Mar-19 21:41:35


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