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Strange client behavior

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babynelly2010 Mon 21-Jan-19 18:09:46

I work in construction industry. I do design management for a small subcontractor company as a consultant. I've been on the project for nearly 3 months now. It is a complicated large project with many areas of work developong. I ve been tracking design on all areas but constantly will be pulled around saying do this, stop doing that but then later to be told that I should of done that long time ago. I started documenting things and updating with progress reports. I achieved quite a bit on that difficult job but last week I got an alarming email from my client saying that he wants to walk away from his client and site as they can't agree on costs. I said to him, all pens down, let me know what you decide. Few hours later I got an email saying to proceed as usual. All week business went as usual but today I got an alarming call with my client having a mini outburst saying that I need to go on to another area and all that I did so far is useless as his client don't want to pay up. This came up right after I sent my invoice. I sat down had a think and wrote a stern email saying you give me direct instructions or I walk away from your job. Emails to follow were all nice and polite and very incouraging but my motivation is down. This person seem to have some kind of a down momement every Monday, not sure if it is a coinsedence or what. Can anyone give any advise on how to deal with this client? I know I am good at what I do but I don't like to be jerked around or put down and then brought back up again. I have another 3 months on my contract with them but they originally said there is going to be more work but I am not sure if I want to go beyond that.

babynelly2010 Mon 21-Jan-19 18:10:37

Sorry many typos on phone

icantthinkofanotherone Fri 25-Jan-19 16:20:23

His client is not your client. You are doing the work for him - he asked you to do it so he needs to pay you.

Do you have a proper contract? If not, then draw one up, and take legal advice if necessary.

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