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Maternity pay when employed & self employed

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Cozzatron Sat 19-Jan-19 15:37:28

Hi please advise, I have 1 employed job that I rarely do enough hours to get taxed or pay NAT Insurance (Earn between £300-£500 a month) I also have a Self employed job that is the bulk of my wages.
Can I refuse maternity pay from my employed job if I get offered it as it will be very low & accept SMP because I'm self employed.
Please help!

RicStar Sat 19-Jan-19 15:47:03

If you earn less than £116 per week in the employed role you will not be entitled to smp from that role and can claim maternity allowance based on your self employed role. But if you do qualify for SMP then you can not also claim MA. If possible therefore you want to ensure your earnings stay under the SMP limit in the relevant weeks.

Cozzatron Sat 19-Jan-19 19:05:56

Thank you so much. I've just worked out I earn slightly more than that so I am entitled. Thanks smile

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