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Is this possible?

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shopaholics Thu 17-Jan-19 19:58:59

I am qualified at a low level in the job I want to make into a career, however to further myself I need to be a higher level.
I was offered an apprenticeship but due to circumstances had to turn it down with the idea of restarting it in a year minimum but probably won't have completed the apprenticeship until 2022 at least if I do everything when it's set (ie a lesson on a topic, then an assignment for two weeks then another lesson etc).
I'm considering looking up the criteria for this apprenticeship online and just doing as many essays as I can before my circumstances actually prevent me from doing the coursework for a while. I would still wait until the topics are set to hand them in just in case I've missed things or I didn't quite understand (although the difference between the two levels isn't much). Does anyone think this is possible/a good idea? Or have experience of doing this?
I really need to be this higher level and I know it's going to be harder to complete even in a years time compared to now when I could do the bulk of it.

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