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Considering learning Nail Tech to become self employed! Help please!

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Genesys Tue 15-Jan-19 21:47:28

Hi there!

I have a 1 year old daughter and currently work in retail, 20 hours a week. My childcare is quite restricted at the moment (my dad has her whilst I'm working - but cannot have her more than this)

I'm considering looking into learning a "trade" to become self employed, I like the idea of becoming a nail technician and making myself mobile so I can work my own hours and have my own diary.

Childcare shouldn't be too much of a problem in the near future as I will put my daughter into nursery!

I'm just clueless as to where to start with becoming a nail technician, can I do an online course? Will the qualifications be recognisable? I'm 21 and don't have a history of beauty, only sales / retail.

Please could anybody offer any advise?

Thanks in advance x

wincarwoo Tue 15-Jan-19 21:49:52

Have a look at courses at your local college

Genesys Tue 15-Jan-19 23:08:36

Thank you x

Bumblebee39 Mon 28-Jan-19 22:26:06

You need to do beauty level 2 and specialise in nails
Then beauty 3 too preferably
There are some beauty colleges as well as further education colleges which may have more flexibility on start dates etc but you can't get funding for in the same way

Scarscar Wed 06-Feb-19 22:39:01

You can just train directly with a nail company. Just make sure you pick a reputable one.
Have a look at a company called CND (Creative Nail Design). They have an excellent reputation for training, but as Bumblebee39 says there isn't funding so you have to pay. Also try a forum called Salon Geek, it's a good place to ask/search for info and advice.

I did Beauty 2 & 3 and Nail Tech 3 at college but the CND training I did was far superior. Although even just Beauty level 2 will give you other skills as well as nails that you can sell. But not all Beauty 2 & 3 courses include nails, so check the course content with the college.

It takes lots of practice first to learn the skills and then to build up a client base, it's not quick! It's also a competitive market. Quite a few people seem to train but then don't continue with it professionally after all. If your determined and tenacious you can do it.

Scarscar Wed 06-Feb-19 22:47:34

I would also say imo online courses are a waste of money. You need someone there in the flesh showing you the skills and watching your technique as it develops.

memenemememe Wed 06-Feb-19 22:54:45

I have taken a few short courses with a company called The Beauty Academe - really really enjoyed them as a hobby however if your going to make a business out of this I really would consider a full time collage approach/NVQ etc. Customers will pay more for quality, and in collage you will have a lot more support and time to practice on real clients. If you do it fast track/cheap you will be competing with everyone else who has done the same and possibly losing higher paying customers.

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