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Self Employed Tax Return Overpayment

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LMW1990 Sat 12-Jan-19 16:49:44

Hi All

Wondering if anyone can shed any light!

I submitted a tac return and recieved a letter stating I have over paid tax.

On my self assessment government gateway login the amount is listed as an overpayment on tac return.

But when I go to request a repayment it states I have nothing for repayment on my account.

Am I misunderstanding what an overpayment Is?

When I got the letter I called HMRC to request a refund and was told it needed to be security checked and to call back in 4 weeks. But the amount they gave me on the phone also differed to the amount on the letter and online (something amount intersest).

I feel like I'm bring really thick in not being able to work it out!

delilahbucket Sun 13-Jan-19 21:54:18

You don't need to request it. They will return the money to the bank account you put on your tax return. They often pay the amount plus interest.

LMW1990 Mon 14-Jan-19 22:39:35

Thanks @delilahbucket - do you know how long that usually takes?

FrangipaniBlue Mon 14-Jan-19 22:56:16

Mine came within 10 days


delilahbucket Mon 14-Jan-19 23:01:32

@LMW1990. Tax return submitted 24th Oct, money in my account on 2nd Nov. Not long at all.

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