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Another Home Baker

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GoldenCrunchie Wed 09-Jan-19 14:06:13

Hi all,
Earlier last year, a friend and I set up a small business, where we bake cakes to then sell from a stall, going all around the county.

As this is more of a seasonal part time job, I've been looking into baking cakes and selling them from home, for myself as ideally a full time income. While I know all about environmental checks/insurance/all things necessary for being a legit baker (due to the stall) I'm more stuck on the aspect of where do I actually start, regaring selling my produce?

I've contemplated the idea of going round to cafes and asking whether they would be willing to buy my cakes, but then i think it's often a battle between them wanting homemade cakes (baked in the cafe itself, understandable) or buying cakes in from wholesale retailers for cheaper prices than I could compete with.

Do you think it would be worth going round to local offices/bigger companies etc and potentially trying to gain custom that way, or would that be a waste of time? While I am considered to be a good baker,my artistic abilities aren't on the same level, so the likes of wedding cakes and such are out of the question.

Any thoughts/ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks

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