Clothing stockists/manufacturers

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Hotchocolate18 Sun 30-Dec-18 20:53:27

How do you go about finding one of these for boys clothing?

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Hotchocolate18 Mon 31-Dec-18 08:54:28


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BikeRunSki Mon 31-Dec-18 08:57:27

I dint quite understand your post? Are you just looking for somewhere to buy boys’ clothes? Or am I missing something?

Or an actual manufacturer/factory?

astoundedgoat Mon 31-Dec-18 09:48:09

Are you looking for advice on how to get into clothing design & supplying retailers?

Feel free to DM me - I do this for a living.

Hotchocolate18 Mon 31-Dec-18 10:55:55

Sorry trying to get advise on how to start up a childrens clothing shop. So you have some ideas about what you want to stock and sell but need someone to make/supply them to you. I've googled but no one decent appears

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Hotchocolate18 Mon 31-Dec-18 14:37:43


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astoundedgoat Tue 01-Jan-19 10:33:45

Go to trade shows. Google children's clothing trade shows London 2019 - there will be a couple this month in London and potentially Birmingham.

If you can't go, you can at least look through all the exhibitors and check out their websites.

Hotchocolate18 Tue 01-Jan-19 11:04:24

Excellent thank you!

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