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Has anyone started a takeaway business from home?

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Chocolateyclaire76 Thu 20-Dec-18 21:23:28

I love cooking and people tell me my food tastes good so I’m toying with the idea of setting up a takeaway business from my kitchen. It would be v small and just for my village but I wondered whether anyone else has done this?

delilahbucket Tue 08-Jan-19 22:21:03

This would not be possible as it would require you to change your property usage with the council. You cannot simply set up a takeaway. The premises have to be licensed for food. That's not even getting started with food hygiene, insurance, necessary training and kitchen set up.

funkylittleboatrace Thu 10-Jan-19 12:33:01

This send to be all the rage were I live , lots of people selling roast dinners that they will deliver. I wouldn't personally order one who knows what the kitchen is like .

PoisonousSmurf Thu 10-Jan-19 12:37:00

First of all check with your house insurance. You'll find that 'running a business' from home is not allowed or it costs more.
Secondly, you need to go on a food handling course and pass.
Thirdly, you need to register with your local council, so they can come and inspect your kitchen.
So, this is why no one else does it.

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