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Market research - can you lovely mums help please?

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NK8aaf09dX126ff214352 Mon 17-Dec-18 13:28:24

Hi everyone, Im a mum looking to start my own business and would be really grateful if you would spend a few minutes answering a survey about subscription boxes. Im looking to combine my love of gardening with my business skills to create a new e-commerce business in the UK. Gardening has been a real stress reliever for me whilst trying to balance being a mum and a having a demanding full time job. Your feedback will help me understand more about the e-commerce market and the reasons you might buy a subscription box. To save you time, please just respond with 1a, 2b, etc. So here goes smile;

1. What is the primary reason you would buy a monthly subscription box:
a) Convenience
b) Health & Wellbeing
c)Treat for myself
d) Try something new
e) A gift for someone else

2. The box Im thinking of is a vegetable seed subscription box, with everything inside to grows 30 seedlings. I would buy this;
a) monthly
b) every 2 months
c) every quarter
d) a one off
e) not at all

3. Rate how important the following statements are to you (from 1 being not important to 5 being very important):
a) I would like a fun/easy activity to do by myself
b) I would like a fun/easy activity to do with my children
c) I would like an activity that gets me out in the fresh air
d) I would like to live more sustainably

4. I would pay the following per box;
a) £10-12
b) £13-15
c) £16-18
d) £19-20
e) £20+

5. Age (dont feel you have to answer this one!)
a) Under 25
b) 26-35
c) 36-45
d) 46+

Thank you very much for your time - its really appreciated

Strugglingtodomybest Fri 28-Dec-18 12:51:54

Hi! Good luck with your new venture. Having said that, I wouldn't buy it as I don't buy subscriptions. I've been stung too many times in the past, thinking they were a good idea and then not actually getting around to using them so they're just wasted.

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