Mat leave and accrued holiday

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tattooedmumofone Tue 11-Dec-18 20:47:40

Currently on mat leave with my first baby. Due to return in May but work want me back in March. Nothing has been officially agreed but I know the conversation is coming and want to act in my best interests.

My plan is to quit and go freelance. I know I've been accruing holiday since May and don't want to lose out on being paid for these days. Does it matter when I quit? I'd rather be up front and honest but not at the expense of my finances.

TY smile

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TulipsInbloom1 Tue 11-Dec-18 20:49:19

Will May be 12 months since you went onto mat leave? If so I dont believe they are legally allowed to expect or demand you back before that. I dont even think they can ask.

What is your notice period, and what are the rules on repayment of any additional maternity pay?

HolyQuacamole Tue 11-Dec-18 20:51:59

Have you heard of maternity action line? Give them a google. Their website is fab and they also have a phone line to get them on. It's a nightmare to get hold of them as they only operate a few hours a week due to lack of funding. Some days I couldn't get through, but a couple of times I did and hey where bloody fab with all their legal advice (and free!) highly recommend this route. They helped me massively. Good luck xxx

tattooedmumofone Tue 11-Dec-18 21:05:49

Tulips I'm on SMP - no additional pay.

Notice period is one month but I'd rather hand in my notice but will hold out if that's the best thing to do.

HolyQuacamole Yes, but impossible to get through. Will keep trying though. Such a minefield hmm

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TulipsInbloom1 Tue 11-Dec-18 21:10:03

When you hand your notice in, you will be either swapped back off mat leave but put into holiday to get what youve accrued, or stay on Mat Leave but your final pay will include payment for the accrued holidays.

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