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New business help brand reps???

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Ruth1988 Sun 09-Dec-18 16:20:20

So i recently started a little business doing personalised childrens clothing in the hope i will be able to sustain part time work instead of having to return to full time so i can spend more time with my two girls (4years and 7months)

I seem to be doing OK but am struggling to get my name/brand about... especially in the breastfeeding world as none of the face book pages allow advertising (even if i offer them a % of every sale through them!)

I have instagram and facebook but am toying with getting some brand reps.... anyone done this before? How does it work? What is expected of both sides (me and them)

Thank you xxx

BellaNgo Tue 11-Dec-18 11:19:02

I completely understand the frustration with not being able to advertise on FB community groups. I have, however, seen some mums groups that allow ads on certain day of the week!

Getting brand reps is always a good idea, however to find a right one is hard as the brand rep wouldn’t get the rewards until sales come through. I personally haven’t used this tactic before but have talked to people who are doing this professionally.

Have you thought about engaging yourself into your local community’s offline events /newspaper for free/low-cost ads?

Bella x

Ruth1988 Fri 14-Dec-18 13:35:26

Ohhhhh what groups are they please? Yes ive got 90% off my sales locally but would love to be able to grow online. However i think your right and i do have plans in the new year to put my merch in a local shop so fingers crossed that helps! Xx

BellaNgo Sat 15-Dec-18 13:45:30

@Ruth1908, I remember being in East Croydon Mums Group and some other London-based Mums groups (search by area). If you read the guidelines, they should specify it.

Good luck!!! I am sure you will do great things! xx

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