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Pre-employment medical clearance..Help!

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budgetmom Tue 27-Nov-18 01:02:17

Hi everyone, I recently received a job offer from a university for a teaching position. The offer is conditional on medical clearance and it had questions regarding my leave during past 12 months. I had taken time off my studies (I'm a PhD student) for 2 months due to stress related issues. I was suggested to take time off as it would put the pressure off in completing my PhD. I was not on any medication. I have never taken any time off during the last 4 years of my studies in the UK. I mentioned this in my medical clearance form and now I'm really worried that whether this can lead to withdrawal of my offer?
(I could have used my annual leave but instead went for time off as suggested by my tutor as it would lengthen my registration time if i took time off rather than annual leave. I'm now cursing myself for choosing to take time off as I was not aware of the whole medical clearance for job in the UK)

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