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Potential Promotion/Pregnancy/Politics

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Linda1981 Sun 25-Nov-18 19:44:42

Hi there

I may be up for promotion in February or the year after.
The issue is if I don't get a promotion soon, I will get pregnant (cannot afford to wait anymore) and worry that I will therefore lose any chance of promotion for a few years because of it. At the moment I can work long evening and weekends but I doubt that is good or possible when pregnant.

The other issue and question is, I have a woman who is one rank above me but due to her incompetency my bosses often told her to follow my advice/lead. As you can imagine, she hates me now. She is very passive aggressive, blind copying important contacts on email, telling me off (with no substance) in group emails whilst asking advice one to one.

What should I do when I ask my boss next week if I am up for promotion? Should I mention this woman who is super sweet to the boss to his face? Should address the issue that I hope her potential negative feedback in relation to me hopefully does not stand in the way of me being promoted?

I would be grateful for any strategic advice.

Many thanks in advance.

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