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Any cleaning business owners?

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IStandWithPosie Sat 24-Nov-18 20:47:15

I’ve been a SE cleaner for 6 years. I’m full and have started a waiting list. DC are now at ages and stages where I can commit more headspace to a career rather than just treading water so I’m thinking about my options. The obvious move for me seems to be to do more of what I know but I can’t really do that as I’m just one person so it would mean taking on employees which is a whole new kettle of fish than just being a sole trader. So I thought I’d ask for some advice from those of you already doing it.

I’m doing ok on my own. I earn enough to keep the wolf from the door. Is it worth the hassle of becoming an employer? Is the pay off worth it? Is it massive amounts of work more? I’m reluctant to employ people and risk my reputation being screwed if someone is awful. As it stands I do it all and I know it’s done well, can I take the leap to trust others to do it as I do it? Equipment- I bring all my own, but I can’t afford to purchase all that again for others to use so it would mean a change of policy to using the clients own. In my experience this results in a lot of hassle because clients don’t restock, don’t keep clean cloths, don’t keep hoovers, mops etc in good condition, use low quality equipment meaning low quality finish. What do I do? I would need to get a loan to buy equipment?

There’s probably lots of stuff I haven’t considered too.

If anyone would share their own experience or advice it would be much appreciated. Currently this is just an idea, i certainly haven’t my heart set on it and if it’s more hassle than it’s worth it won’t be happening.

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IStandWithPosie Thu 29-Nov-18 15:47:07

Hopeful bump

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Livedandlearned Tue 22-Jan-19 14:53:48

Did you go for it @IStandWithPosie? I am in exactly the same predicament as you!

Pythonesque Thu 31-Jan-19 17:25:49

Agencies tend to send cleaners in pairs (or even more) - so that 2 hours cleaning is actually done in 1 hour for example. I would think that the most practical way to go from stand-alone to business owner would be to take on one employee in the first instance and work together, enabling you to take on more clients. Over time you would become comfortable with your first employee, that they shared your standards etc, and if available work justified it would be in a position to expand further. good luck! [and if either of you are near Oxford please PM me!]

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